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We stand for a painless life
without medication or surgery!

Create remedy now and live painlessly!

ARTHROSIS IS CURABLE! Rejoice, because since 2007 it has been proven that arthrosis is 99.9% superfluous and defeatable with innovations and 100% no disease and therefore itself curable and avoidable!

Convince yourself of the opposite with the BeamYourLife® system!
We will show you how arthrosis and pain disappear naturally, because it is never too late. Otherwise a wound would never have healed!

With BEAM your life..!® we follow a natural and sustainable path.
We stand for a painless life without medication or surgery!

98.5% of all customers who test BeamYourLife®, are convinced & recommend it!

Experience for yourself how BeamYourLife® alleviates your complaints!


Change your Life!

Heal arthrosis & pain yourself!



BeamYourLife® Bionic Board Autonom Concept (Modell 2020)

BeamYourLife® including:

  • Lightness becomes painless!
  • rhythmic lymph “diffusion
  • rhythmic cartilage “diffusion
  • rhythmic deep blood circulation
  • pain diversion strategy


More than a Massage-System!

Order the unique innovative massage system for your daily portion of health!
Often copied but unmatched, BeamYourLife® offers a type of massage with 5 strength intervals
that even makes the masseur superfluous.

  • BeamYourLife® pulsates focused on the pain zones with unique shock waves and cracks every pain – mentally and muscularly at the same time. Imagine a forceps with 5 strength intervals that comes at every pain, no matter how deep it may be.
  • BeamYourLife® floods your muscle tissue with the body’s own hyaloron and makes your muscles supple and your fasciae glide again. The morning annoying and painful muscle rigidity disappears.
  • BeamYourLife® helps your muscles to produce their own hyaloron, which guarantees freedom from pain through diffusion and transduction.
  • BeamYourLife® uses your muscles to train tendons and ligaments for a strong, healthy body statics. Your cartilage grows and your hallux valgus and heel spur now have the freedom to free themselves and heal themselves. With that the arthroses are banished!
  • BeamYourLife® simultaneously calibrates your balance through your feet and your balance organ in your inner ear. The danger of falling is banished!
  • BeamYourLife® generates an excess of oxygen through increased, nature-identical and autonomous muscle training. This additionally supports your blood vessels, your heart, your endurance and thus your entire body (especially in metabolic disorders and diabetes).
  • BeamYourLife® has a direct influence on your blood pressure and coronary arteries with this nature-identical, autonomously trained vascular system.
  • BeamYourLife® guarantees you the most complete blood circulation worldwide.

Due to the secured, self-developed healthy statics, surgery is now absolutely superfluous!


Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 31 × 11 cm
Technical data

Voltage: AC 220 – 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Power: ca. 60 Watts


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BeamYourLife® provides


Friendly Consultation!

2 years warranty!


Become a painless person

Increase your well-being with BeamYourLife®!

We have opened another great gateway to health.
The dangerous thing about joint arthrosis, as science has confirmed, is that it is not a disease and is not perceived as such! That is why arthrosis is doubly dangerous and deadly at the same time.

Does BeamYourLife® also help pain patients?

Thousands of people in Germany are in pain. Many of them can be helped! e.g. hallux valgus, fibromyalgia, slipped discs, pain after joint operations, fascial problems, heart problems, heart failure, cardiac insufficiency and much more.
Pain patients experience relief like with no other system!
There are inventions you never thought possible. BeamYourLife® is one of those! Use BeamYourLife® and heal yourself. Merge freedom from pain and freedom from arthrosis. Avoid surgery.

There are hundreds of possible applications in this one system.



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customer opinions

What convinced customers say

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. Too late, I’m afraid. For seven years I have had massive circulatory problems in my legs. In my left leg, even worse. Because of my very cold feet I couldn’t sleep at night. Sleeping pills only helped for a while. Nobody, really nobody could help me properly. With this thing I got “hot” feet in 8 minutes and the circulatory problems decreased noticeably.
Such a blessing is this device. I almost went to your stand at the fair. Good that I tried it out! Thanks a lot!

Werner B., Neuhausen

Werner B., Neuhausen

I was suffering from low back pain. My intervertebral discs, joints and shoulders were giving me a hard time. How often did I have injections and how many painkillers did I take?
And the complaints came back again and again. Since I had already had so many unsuccessful therapies and bad experiences, I was naturally very suspicious.
Now I would like to thank you in this way for this really lasting help!

Alexander St., München

Alexander St., München

As a barber, I have constant pain in my left shoulder due to decades of professional strain.
Already after 9 weeks of treatment with the device these have disappeared. I still use the device every 3rd day.

A great invention!

Gerd H, München

Gerd H, München

When you first approached me, I was naturally sceptical. My agonizing days and sleepless nights with chronic, debilitating pain and muscle cramps outweighed, but as competent and friendly as you advised me, everything corresponded to my ideas and wishes.
I am glad that I got to know you and your massage system. The days of pain are over and I never want to miss this device again. I do back massages with my device in front of the television for almost an hour every day until it starts to itch. These are my days with “gold rim”.
Many thanks from Bremen!

Josef Krolakowski, Bremen

Josef Krolakowski, Bremen

I am very satisfied with your stimulator platform. The pain in my shoulder and feet has almost disappeared after a few weeks of use.

Now, despite my age, I can manage my household independently again.
Thanks a lot!

Katharina B., Salzburg

Katharina B., Salzburg

Man is a student, pain is his teacher.
After years of doing nothing and following 2 disc surgeries I am absolutely pain-free thanks to the Beam your Life system. And I mean absolutely!
I use the device every evening for 30 – 40 minutes. I am looking forward to doing something good for myself in the evening.
The great thing is: it works on the side while watching TV. I would have had to take it much sooner, then I could have saved myself the two operations.
I have this device to thank for that!
Thank you very much for your patience and persuasion, because I think I was a very difficult customer until I was convinced.

Arthur Müller, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Arthur Müller, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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