Product Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, an instruction manual for the BeamYorLife© massage board is available. HERE you can view the PDF.

The BeamYourLife® massage system reaches places not reached by conventional devices. The uniqueness of our system will convince you! Unmistakable and determined in one module.

The BeamYourLife® massage system works 2-fold.
On the one hand, BeamYourLife® has a muscular effect, i.e. it works mechanically and is concentrated exactly where you want to improve your quality of life. Pain and muscular problems are “beamed away” in the fastest and most natural way.
On the other hand the mental region is strengthened by the improved physis and thus contributes to a better psychological balance, which has a direct effect on the whole body sensation.
BeamYourLife® works without medication. Surgical interventions become superfluous!
The uniqueness of our system will also convince you!

The versatility! BeamYourLife® can be used in 7 places of the body.
BeamYourLife® has 5 different massage programs and replaces the visit to the massage studio. The unique design of our device reaches problem zones like no other device. Save the money for expensive massages. Rely on sustainability for your health. Excitingly different, at the same time calming and familiar.
BeamYourLife® – often copied, never reached!

Exclusively sold by us! The unique AUTONOM Concept BeamYourLife® Callibrations module is only offered by us in direct sales.
Don’t let cheap copies fool you.

A joint cartilage wear. Pain and discomfort are caused by a usually incorrectly acquired static anomaly.
You can be pleased, since 2007 it has been proven that arthrosis is 99.9% avoidable and can be defeated with innovation.
Arthrosis is 100% not a disease, but has been developed over years and decades and is therefore curable!