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BeamYourLife® Bionic Board Autonom Concept (2020 Model)

BeamYourLife® now with:

  • Become pain free with ease!
  • rhythmic lymph “diffusion
  • rhythmic cartilage “diffusion
  • rhythmic deep blood circulation
  • Pain distraction strategy

Shipping is free of charge within 7 working days. You get 2 years warranty on the device.



More than just a massage system!

Order the unique innovative massage system for your daily portion of health! Often copied but unmatched, BeamYourLife offers a type of massage with 5 strength intervals that even makes the masseur unnecessary.

  • BeamYourLife® pulses focused pain zones with unique shock waves, cracking every ache – mentally and muscularly at the same time. Imagine a pair of pliers with 5 strength intervals that can really get to any pain, no matter how deep-seated.
  • BeamYourLife® floods your muscle tissue with your body’s own hyaloron and makes your muscles supple and lets your fasciae glide again. The morning annoying and painful muscle rigidity disappears.
  • BeamYourLife® helps your muscles produce endogenous hyalorone, which guarantees freedom from pain through diffusion and transduction.
  • BeamYourLife® trains tendons and ligaments through your muscles for strong, healthy body statics. Your cartilages grow and your hallux valgus and heel spur now have the freedom to break free and heal themselves. With it the arthroses are banished!
  • BeamYourLife® simultaneously calibrates your balance via your feet and your balance organ in your inner ear. The danger of falling is banished!
  • BeamYourLife® creates an excess of oxygen via enhanced, nature-identical and autonomous muscle training. This additionally supports your vessels, your heart, your endurance and thus your entire body (especially in metabolic disorders and diabetes).
  • BeamYourLife® achieves direct influence on your blood pressure and coronary arteries with this nature-identical, autonomously trained vascular system.
  • BeamYourLife® guarantees you the most complete blood circulation in the world.

Due to the secured again self-developed healthy statics, operations are now absolutely unnecessary!



Additional information

Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 31 × 11 cm
Technical data

Voltage: AC 220 – 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Power: approx. 60 watt


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