BeamYourLife® Bionic Board Autonom Concept (Modell 2020)

BeamYourLife® including:

  • Lightness becomes painless!
  • rhythmic lymph “diffusion
  • rhythmic cartilage “diffusion
  • rhythmic deep blood circulation
  • pain diversion strategy

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More than a Massage-System!

Order the unique innovative massage system for your daily portion of health!
Often copied but unmatched, BeamYourLife® offers a type of massage with 5 strength intervals
that even makes the masseur superfluous.

  • BeamYourLife® pulsates focused on the pain zones with unique shock waves and cracks every pain – mentally and muscularly at the same time. Imagine a forceps with 5 strength intervals that comes at every pain, no matter how deep it may be.
  • BeamYourLife® floods your muscle tissue with the body’s own hyaloron and makes your muscles supple and your fasciae glide again. The morning annoying and painful muscle rigidity disappears.
  • BeamYourLife® helps your muscles to produce their own hyaloron, which guarantees freedom from pain through diffusion and transduction.
  • BeamYourLife® uses your muscles to train tendons and ligaments for a strong, healthy body statics. Your cartilage grows and your hallux valgus and heel spur now have the freedom to free themselves and heal themselves. With that the arthroses are banished!
  • BeamYourLife® simultaneously calibrates your balance through your feet and your balance organ in your inner ear. The danger of falling is banished!
  • BeamYourLife® generates an excess of oxygen through increased, nature-identical and autonomous muscle training. This additionally supports your blood vessels, your heart, your endurance and thus your entire body (especially in metabolic disorders and diabetes).
  • BeamYourLife® has a direct influence on your blood pressure and coronary arteries with this nature-identical, autonomously trained vascular system.
  • BeamYourLife® guarantees you the most complete blood circulation worldwide.

Due to the secured, self-developed healthy statics, surgery is now absolutely superfluous!



Additional information

Weight 6,5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 31 × 11 cm
Technical data

Voltage: AC 220 – 240 Volt, 50 Hz
Power: ca. 60 Watts


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